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How to Attract Ideal Candidates with Better Job Descriptions

Hiring is made easiest when the only applicants who apply for a position are actually qualified for that position. More often than not, we see job descriptions that are fairly basic and somewhat boring. Job posts that are generically written act to drive away top talent. This goes against the goal of hiring the best candidate. Job posts that are written poorly actually increase the number of applications from the inexperienced and less skilled masses. This can make the hiring process more time consuming.

To make the hiring process easier and attract the perfect job candidate, don’t write depressing job posts that send the wrong message about the company. Optimize your job posts to entice top level talent, here are 3 ways to do that:

  1. Keep the job posting simple. Don’t fill the job description with tons of obvious responsibilities and required skills. Cut out as much meaningless filler content as possible.  Identify the top 2 or 3 requirements matter most. Indicate that the candidate must meet those requirements to get an interview.
  2. Clearly describe the company’s corporate culture. The better you describe the workplace setting the more aligned your applications become with the role meant to be filled. What makes your company culture attractive? Highlight company perks like the option to work remotely from home or a company car. Do not build up the company to be something it is not however, this could lead to hiring the wrong qualified applicant.Top level candidates want more than a paycheck. They won’t join a company unless they know that company’s culture is a right fit. People want to be proud of and identify with the company that they work for. A great corporate culture will increase your employee retention.
  3. As you write the job description, compose it as if the ideal person for the job is sitting across the table from you. Make your language resonate with that candidate. The goal is to get them to identify with the job description and become excited about the job opening. Utilizing reason alone can only get you so far. Go further by appealing to the emotions which are what really drive the decision making process.

Sorting through a stack of resumes is very time consuming, we all know how big those stacks can get. Don’t start off with extra work by writing basic job descriptions that open yourself up to mediocrity. Hire outstanding candidates with clearly stated and compelling job descriptions.

About the Author: Kimberly Schenk is a recruitment coach and mentor. She trains both headhunters and corporate hiring managers. Kimberly has an updated book that demystifies the full cycle recruitment process called “Top Recruiter Secrets” which is currently available online

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