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5 Candidate Insights You’ll Discover With Video Interviewing

While some people might fear that video interviewing doesn’t allow them to get an accurate portrayal of a candidate, in reality, video interviewing can actually give you a highly detailed sense of what this individual is all about. When you play close enough attention during a video conversation, you can learn a lot of information about the person on the other side of the screen. Here are some factors to take note of during the video conversation:

How prepared the candidate is

The candidate should seem polished and ready to answer the questions you throw their way, but their answers shouldn’t feel canned. Keep an eye out for cue cards or other prompts. You want to know that their replies are genuine.

What their environment is like

The right candidate will have taken the time to prepare their home for the interview, knowing that you’ll be able to see the area around them. It should look neat and tidy, and should be free of dirty dishes or other distractions. Pets will be kept in another room and televisions will be off until the conversation is over. If you have a video interview scheduled with someone and their cat keeps knocking the computer over or their roommate keeps walking in the shot, you might want to question just how important the interview is to that individual.

Their level of comfort with technology

It’s beneficial to hire someone who is comfortable with HR technology, and video interviewing can put this to the test. Can they get Skype or FaceTime working? Can they figure out the volume on their computer? If they’re not able to master these tasks successfully, you may find that they struggle when it comes to learning more complicated technological tasks associated with the job they’re hoping to land.

How they dress

Even though they’re not meeting with you face-to-face, the candidate should still be dressed as if they were going to a regular, in-office job interview. This means their outfit should be office appropriate, and should be clean and well pressed. If you notice that the potential employee appears on-screen wearing a ratty t-shirt or a low-cut blouse, you might want to reconsider bringing this person on board.

Body language

Body language is extremely important, even during a video conversation. Is the candidate slouching in their chair? Are they fiddling with a pen? The right person will sit up straight, maintain eye contact, and speak slowly and clearly. They should maintain a level of professionalism, regardless of the fact that they’re not in the room with you.

Video interviews are a powerful way to get a better sense of what a candidate is all about. They’re much more helpful than the phone when you want to understand this individual on a deeper level, and they’re more cost-effective than bringing every single person into the office for an in-person conversation.

Are you currently using video interviewing technology to gain more insights on candidates? Comment below with your experience!

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