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5 Ways Video Interviews Put an End to Candidate Stress

5 Ways Video Interviews Put an End to Candidate Stress

It’s no secret — the United States population, as a whole, is stressed. In fact, a recent study by the American Psychological Association revealed 63 percent of the U.S. public is stressed about the future of our nation. The burden of the nation’s future, however, isn’t the only thing raising stress levels. Over 60 percent say they’re also stressed about money and work. 

Everyday life is worrisome enough — but the job search grossly adds to that burden. An incredible 73 percent of job seekers say the job search is one of the most stressful things in life, according to a 2017 CareerBuilder report

The less stress candidates feel during your hiring process, the more positive their candidate experience and the better your hiring outcomes. So it’s critical you aid in reducing stress for your candidates. 

Here’s a look at how video interviews reduce traditional hiring process stressors, helping you prevent candidate burnout:

1. Reduce pre-interview jitters

Unfortunately, only 32 percent of respondents in the above mentioned CareerBuilder report rated their most recent candidate experience as “very good.” Of course, this points to issues with the hiring process as a whole. 

But the pressure is really on for candidates during the interview stage. For many, it can feel like the weight of their entire future is on the line. One wrong answer or move could derail their career trajectory. 

One-way video interviews help calm those pre-interview jitters. Candidates can record a retake of their interview responses as many times as you permit. Candidates have the opportunity to present their best possible selves, but also they recognize you understand interviews are stressful and care about alleviating their performance anxiety. 

2. Show respect for the candidates

Respect isn’t something job candidates take lightly. In fact, 86 percent say employers should treat candidates with the same respect as current employees, according to the previously mentioned CareerBuilder report.

Showing respect to candidates in this way requires a level of emotional intelligence and empathy. For example, it’s important to acknowledge the hiring process is stressful enough without factoring in long-distance travel. You can show talent you respect their time by allowing them to interview where they’re most comfortable and offer them guidance with scheduling their video interview.  

One-way and live video interviews make it possible for candidates to interview from any location. While one-way video interviews take scheduling conflicts off the table entirely, live video interviews offer the opportunity to connect with candidates in their own element, helping them relax and feel confident. 

3. Decrease scheduling conflicts

Not only are candidates making room to get on your schedule as soon as possible, they’re also scheduling around their current jobs, other interviews, and their personal lives. The fact that an open role can be filled in just seven to 14 days for nearly half of companies (49 percent), according to our 2018 Growth Hiring Trends in the United States report, exacerbates the stress of scheduling. 

Traveling long distances or scheduling in-person interviews during the business day can be next to impossible for many candidates. Sending talent an invitation to a video interview relieves the burden of finding more hours in a day or burning valuable PTO. Candidates can simply record a one-way video interview when it fits into their schedule or coordinate a live video interview during more accommodating hours. Interview scheduling software gives candidates the power to fit themselves into your schedule when it’s equally convenient for them. 

4. Show support through the entire process

Support is critical for stressed-out candidates. Often times, support during the job search comes from family, friends, and mentors. But these resources do not help candidates in the moment.

No matter how well a candidate prepares for their interview, if technology fails, nerves are likely to crack. Designated video interview platforms give candidates the immediate and ongoing support they need through the video interview and hiring process. 

Prior to the live video interview, concierge support is ready to check connections, test sound, and ensure the real interview goes smoothly. They also address any potential issues candidates face in real-time, eliminating stressful technology malfunctions. Candidates can rest assured the hiring team is able to focus on how prepared they showed up to the video interview and how well they fit the role.

5. Reveal your company culture

Candidates are, naturally, expected to do their homework when preparing to answer your interview questions, but there’s always a chance your culture is not evident enough online. Not knowing the overall personality of the company can be unnerving for many candidates.

Video interviews create a unique opportunity to ease candidate stress by revealing company culture clues. Live video interviews actually enable candidates to see how interviewers dress and hold themselves in conversation. But one-way video interviews can reveal just as much about your team through your interview questions. 

The structured interview questions you ask candidates should be crafted to showcase the most important aspects of your company culture and values. By giving candidates a look inside your company through these questions, you reduce their stress of the unknown. They can see where their personality and values align, creating an effective 360° fit assessment. 

Bonus: Personalize follow-ups with video updates

Candidate stress correlates with the feeling of being ‘just another application in the pile.’ Not receiving prompt follow-ups is the primary contributor to this feeling of neglect. And candidates want it to change. In fact, a 2017 LinkedIn report revealed 40 percent of candidates insist they want a prompt follow-up. 

Personalized video messaging enables you to give candidates a rundown of the interview steps and keep them updated during the hiring process. These personal video updates take candidate follow-ups to the next level because messages can be quickly customized and updated. Most importantly, candidates feel you’re truly invested in their interview experience. 

Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.