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5 Ways Video Interviews Simplify Rapid Hiring

As a talent acquisition pro, you’re the key to your company’s success. And if you’re in tech, healthcare, or other essential services, the pressure is on to hire rapidly.  

A higher demand for talent acquisition typically means a greater strain on your hiring budget and added pressure to do all your talent acquisition remotely. The great news is, the new year likely presented your team with replenished funds. However, many hiring pros say their budgets just aren’t cutting it.

In fact, of hiring pros who responded in our How to Make the Most of Your Hiring Budget report with budgets between $1,000 to $5,000, only 34% say their cost per hire is actually less than $1,000.

If you can relate to these limitations on your hiring strategy, it’s crucial your team invests in tools and resources with the best ROI, that can be used from anywhere. One of the tools with the best ROI from our survey that meets this criterion is video interviewing. Here are five ways adding video interviews to your remote hiring process simplifies rapid growth and reduces hiring time and costs without overextending your team:

Effective remote implementation 

At this moment, there is no shaking hands with a candidate, and inviting them into your office. All work, training, and interviewing must be done remotely. But this doesn’t mean your hiring process has to or even should, stop. 

Instead of putting on the breaks, consider how you might be able to get the same information from candidates. With a video interviewing platform, you will be able to complete real-time conversations on live video interviews. On a top-tier video interviewing platform, candidates also answer your questions anytime, from anywhere, with no assistance from your team on one-way video interviews.

These two interview options, along with supporting tools like an interview scheduler, live interview concierge, branding, and collaboration give you a clear understanding of every candidate.

Reduces early candidate screening time

Extensive early candidate screening extends the hiring process, making it more complicated and expensive for your team while creating longer (and increasingly concerning) wait times for candidates. Video interviews can cut early screening times down to as little as 15 minutes

Early screening isn’t the only interview step that takes tons of time. Video interviews eliminate the need to adjust schedules due to issues with travel or possibly candidates needing time off work. Additionally, video interviews demonstrate a candidate’s ability to adapt quickly something they’re likely to encounter through your period of rapid growth. 

Standardizes the interview evaluation process

It’s no secret candidates have increased expectations. They want to feel they’re evaluated fairly and measured consistently against all competition. Without a structured interview process, it’s nearly impossible to ensure to candidates they’re being evaluated fairly. 

Video interviews enable you to simplify the structure of your interview process even further. Your hiring team can create questions for each open role and all candidates interviewing for those roles respond to the same questions, under the same parameters. 

This drastically reduces confusion and bias when reviewing and assessing candidates because all decision-makers review the exact same interviews and then rate each candidate against standardized evaluation criteria.

Simplifies communication with candidates

You have limited opportunities to communicate with job candidates during the hiring process, especially without meeting them in person. Limiting yourself on those connections leaves you susceptible to damaging the candidate experience. In fact, 81% of job seekers say employers communicating continuous status updates would greatly improve their overall experience, according to a CareerBuilder survey.

Of course, frequent communication is ideal and you do want to have a positive candidate experience. However, when you’re hiring during a period of rapid growth, this feat is daunting and unrealistic. In reality, you could spend every hour of your workweek just communicating with candidates. 

Personalized video messages are pre-recorded, branded to your company, and require no physical contact. A quick 30-second video check-in straight from you to the candidate feels more personal than a canned email update. While candidates receive a custom update, you’re streamlining the process by only hitting record once. 

Streamlines team collaboration and decision making

You’ll need more team members than ever as you commit to rapid growth. Hiring a greater number of employees means your team has the potential to burn out faster. Unfortunately, adding more people to your decision-making team makes collaboration more challenging. 

Video interviews allow for an all-hands-on-deck approach without collaboration fatigue and complications. Instead, you share video links with everyone whose opinion is needed during each stage of the hiring process. Video interview collaboration also allows you to see who has reviewed and provided feedback. If there’s a hangup in the process, you’ll know exactly where it is and what to address. 

Best of all, with video interviews, every member of the hiring team learns about the candidate, in their own words. This means feedback doesn’t rely on only one team member’s assessment of a candidate.


Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.