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Don't Be Left in the Dark

Don’t Be Left in the Dark…Collaborate with Your Hiring Team [VIDEO]

Are you experiencing communication problems across departments? Does your hiring team collaborate with other team members before they make important hiring decisions? Internal collaboration is extremely important for making great hires, and having more people involved with the decision actually increases the likelihood of finding the best cultural fit for your company.

In Spark Hire’s video “Don’t Be Left in the Dark”, you will meet Dale. Dale is a hiring manager for a company whose hiring process is a bit outdated, dark, and sometimes smelly (OK, his office is a bit smelly, but you get the picture). Due to the lack of collaboration with his team members, Dale works in darkness, literally and metaphorically. In this video, you’ll see how no insights and no internal collaboration has a negative effect on the success of a company.

So, what’s the next step in solving this problem? First, adopt video interviewing. With video interviews, hiring managers like Dale are better able to screen candidates before even bringing them into the office. Plus, Dale can now share interviews with his team so they can all collaborate and come to better hiring decisions while reducing bad hires.

When it comes to investing in your hiring process, video interviews brighten up your process so you aren’t left in the dark. How does your company make sure your hiring managers are on the same page as the rest of the team?

Sheena Christensen

Sheena Christensen is the Product Marketing Specialist at Spark Hire. She is a fan of everything sports and enjoys writing anything from short stories to internet copy, spanning many verticals in the digital marketing world.