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From Chat To Interviews: What Video Has Done And Will Do For Us [E-course]

From Chat To Interviews What Video Has Done And Will Do For UsVideos have become an integral part of most people’s everyday life. It seems that as videos become easier to access and implement, one can’t go an entire day without some kind of interaction with video. Videos are being used to instantaneously share information and connect with anyone around the world. Spark Hire’s new e-Course, “From Chat To Interviews: What Video Has Done And Will Do For Us”, discusses the role videos play in today’s world, particularly for companies looking to quickly fill their open positions.

“This e-Course will discuss why videos have now also become a tool for companies to fulfill their hiring needs and how other companies can also embrace the video format,” says Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire.

Participants of the e-Course can expect one lesson delivered to their inbox each day, allowing employers and recruiters enough time to fully comprehend the information in every lesson before the next email arrives. The first lesson goes in-depth on the power of video when needing to relay an abundance of information and details video strategies that companies can implement into their hiring process. For example, companies can share information on their company culture with a video and appeal to the talented candidates that they want and need to grow their business. Moreover, they can connect personally with these potential hires by utilizing video interviews.

The e-Course also discusses when companies should ditch video chat services and opt for video interviewing solutions, which provide opportunities for branding and easier collaboration among colleagues or clients. Participants will also learn about the future of video and its further impact on hiring.

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Camelia Rodriguez

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