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Why Employers Are Becoming Increasingly More Reliant on Video Interviews

Why Employers Are Becoming Increasingly More Reliant on Video InterviewsHiring managers are becoming increasingly dependent on video interviews in order to streamline the hiring process, particularly if they’re conducting a nationwide search for talent. What are some of the perks of this technology, which would have been unheard of 15 or even 10 years ago? They include:

  • The ability to recruit from far and wide: It’s typically not practical to fly in candidates from all over the country in order to discuss an open position. However, when a candidate can do a video interview, it doesn’t matter if they’re three or 300 miles away, they’re able to put their name in for a job. This allows for a much wider talent search, and can ultimately increase the pool of people that the company has to draw from when there is an open position.
  • Fairness: When all candidates are recording a two-minute pitch about their skills, it levels the playing field and makes it easier to judge who would be the best fit. This kind of interview helps to take out the numerous different factors that can impact a person’s performance during an in-person interview.
  • It makes it easy for multiple team members to weigh in: It can be hard enough to coordinate schedules with the candidate and the hiring manager when it comes time to interview. In many instances, it’s simply not possible for important members of the organization to sit in on the interview, even when they probably should be there. However, when a candidate records their answers, these people can watch and offer their opinion, even if their schedules don’t line up with other members of the company.

Video interviews also require a certain degree of poise on the part of the candidate, which is an important and necessary skill for many kinds of positions. If the individual comes across as polished and personable even on-camera, they’ll probably do well during client meetings and in other face-to-face interactions.

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