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3 Reasons Why Video Interviewing Will Help Your School District Hire Top-Notch Teachers

3 Reasons Why Video Interviewing Will Help Your School District Hire Top-Notch Teachers

When hiring for your school district, it is of utmost importance to hire the best teachers you can find.  If you are not currently using video in your interviewing process, you may be surprised by its advantages.

There are three reasons why video interviewing will help you hire the best teachers for your school district.

1. Expands interview territory

When you decide to incorporate video into your interviewing process you will open the doors to a variety of candidates.  No longer will you be tied to considering only local candidates!

Video interviewing will allow you to expand your search for candidates in order to ensure that you are selecting the best teachers for your school district.

2. Saves time

Not only will video interviewing allow you to see a larger group of talent, but it will also save you quite a bit of time.  When you are pressed for time between meetings and many candidate interviews, it can seem like a juggling act just to make sense of your schedule.  Why not make things a little more flexible?

When you are open to scheduling video interviews, this enables you to more efficiently schedule back to back candidate interviews without having to be concerned with scheduling blank spaces of time between interviews in order to avoid numerous candidates in your office at once.

In addition, video can make interview scheduling much simpler when trying to coordinate with candidates who are already in a working teacher’s role.  Rather than going back and forth about work schedules and availability, you may be able to offer more flexibility for the teacher.  This can be a huge plus when the teacher only needs to find a quiet place to conduct a video interview sometime during the school day.  Compared to having to schedule time off work, line up a substitute teacher, and factoring in commute time to and from the interview, a hard working teacher will be grateful and appreciative of your flexibility when it comes to offering the option of video interviewing.

3. Saves money

Perhaps you are not scheduled to be in the office when a skilled teacher is available to interview.  Rather than spending time and money driving into the office, it is more cash-wise to schedule a video interview instead.  If you are traveling or have a day full of meetings, consider scheduling the candidate for a video interview during a break in your travel or on your lunch break between meetings.

Not only will video interviewing help YOU save time and money, but it will also help the teacher.

For a top-notch teacher, time is golden.  By offering a teacher the opportunity to avoid a travel commute in addition to fuel cost, you will be seen as considerate and smart.

What’s keeping you from using video interviewing to find your top-notch teachers?

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