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3 Reasons Your Startup Should Conduct Video Interviews

3 Reasons Your Startup Should Conduct Video InterviewsWith the recent hype surrounding video interviews, you may be asking yourself why your small startup should incorporate this interview strategy into your hiring process.  Not only will utilizing video interviews help to save time, but it will also help you to better identify top talent and save your startup money.

1. Save Time

We all know that hiring is time consuming, especially when you own a startup company and you are juggling many different hats at once.  Who wouldn’t want to save some time when it comes to the drawn out hiring process?

Regardless of which type of video interview you implement into your hiring process, you will be sure to save precious time.  Whether it’s saving time during the initial selection process by using a one-way video interview, or saving time later in the process by utilizing the live video interview, you will start to wonder why you didn’t implement video interviewing into your hiring process a long time ago.

When using the one-way video interview, you are able to provide a list of questions to candidates, in which they will respond to via interview.  Once candidates have submitted their responses, you are able to not only listen to their response, but also see their personality and energy when responding.  You can play back these responses as many times as needed and make your decisions on the most qualified candidates to move forward in the next step.  This method can eliminate the need to conduct the initial phone screen, saving you tons of time on the phone with candidates who may have impressive resumes but lack the passion and cultural fit that you are searching for in your startup.

Live video interviews can help to save you time in the final interview stages, a subject which is further discussed below in reasons 2 and 3.

2. Hire Top Talent

By utilizing video interviews, you will have the opportunity to broaden your candidate search.  There will be no need to search only for local candidates.  You will be able to virtually meet face-to-face with any candidate you are seriously considering by using the live video interview.

Live video interviews can give you a better feel for a remote candidate’s personality and experience.  This can also provide you piece of mind when considering remote workforce hiring in your startup, ensuring that you hire the most qualified talent.

3. Save Money

How many times have you gotten to final interview stages with a remote candidate, traveled them into your office, only to be disappointed in their attitude or ability to fit in to your company’s culture?  When interviewing for key positions within your company which would require you to relocate non-local candidates, it is of utmost importance that you have face-to-face meetings with the final candidates.

By conducting video interviews with top candidates who make the final stages of the consideration process, you are virtually having a face-to-face meeting with them.  This can eliminate any initial concerns or questions that you may have, allowing you to make better decisions when it comes to forking out money on flights and hotels on the final round of candidates.  Let’s face it, most startups do not have large, cushiony budgets to throw around.  You have a small budget to work with and you need to allocate expenses appropriately.  Implementing live video interviews is the best way for you to approach your hiring process in financially smart way.

What are the benefits you have experienced from implementing video interviews in your hiring process?  Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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