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3 Ways to Explain to Candidates Why You Chose Video Interviewing

3 Ways to Explain to Candidates Why You Chose Video Interviewing

When utilizing video interviewing in your candidate consideration process, it is important to realize that this can be a new form of interviewing for many candidates.  If you would like for the video interview to go smoothly and give your candidates a better chance to prepare properly, it is wise for you to explain to candidates why you are choosing to video interview.

There are three key reasons why you would select to use video interviewing in place of phone or in-person interviewing:

1. Flexibility

What better way than video interviewing to display to candidates that your company offers flexibility?  By scheduling a video interview, you are able to offer more flexibility when it comes to your schedule as well as the candidate’s schedule.

Sometimes, when scheduling a face-to-face interview, it can get quite hectic trying to coordinate your schedule with a working candidate’s schedule.  Dodging meetings and arranging time during lunch breaks can almost seem like a game of cards at times.

When you explain to the candidate that scheduling a video interview eliminates travel time and offers more flexibility with time of day when it comes to scheduling, the candidate will more than understand why this form of interviewing can be beneficial.  More than likely, your candidates will also appreciate the fact that you value their time.

2. Considering the Environment

Another reason for choosing video interviewing that many candidates will appreciate in today’s world is the simple fact that it is better for the environment.  When you decide to video interview, you eliminate travel cost, which then eliminates pollution that a car or public transportation would contribute to the environment.

In addition, you will also be eliminating paper waste.  When a candidate shows up for a face-to-face interview, typically that candidate will be carrying multiple copies of his resume and several copies of references, etc.  When you choose to video interview, you encourage more of an electronic transfer of this information.  You have eliminated the need for the candidate to print many pages of information, in addition to your need to print lengthy application forms.

3. Face-to-Face Interaction

By selecting video interviewing rather than phone interviewing, you are offering a candidate the opportunity to experience face-to-face interaction with you.  A phone interview is quite often good for an initial conversation, but there comes a point in the interview process where being able to visually see the person you are speaking with is beneficial for the interviewer and candidate.

Most candidates will appreciate your willingness and time to allow them the opportunity for face-to-face interaction without having to plan for travel time, etc.

How do you explain to candidates your reasoning for choosing video interviewing?  Please share your tips in the comments below.

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