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BCI Acrylic Creates a Consistent and Standardized Hiring Process with Spark Hire’s Video Interviews

BCI Acrylic had a problem. Over and over again they were seeing candidates make it past preliminary screens only to realize later in the process they were not the right fit. Countless hours were lost on wasted interviews with the wrong talent. Their hiring team was in need of a more consistent and standardized process to pinpoint top candidates.

Looking for a repeatable, consistent way to interview

As a leading bathroom remodeling manufacturer, BCI Acrylic consistently receives a large number of applications for their open roles. Because of the volume, HR Manager, Lois R Lloyd, and her team often didn’t have enough time in their day to conduct phone screens for every candidate. Instead, they found themselves playing a guessing game reviewing resumes and cover letters. In the off chance that they were able to conduct preliminary phone interviews, Lloyd and her team found the process inconsistent and unreliable, saying, “We were looking for a repeatable, consistent way to interview. We’d found our previous interview screens varied and we might not get the same info from every candidate. Without consistency in screening interviews, we lacked a measurable and fair way to evaluate candidates.”

Tired of spending too much time and resources on the wrong candidates, Lloyd and her team began looking into video interviews as a tech-forward solution. After some preliminary research, Lloyd discovered that Spark Hire’s platform would modernize their hiring approach with a standardized interview process, making it easier to rate and compare candidates fairly and efficiently. 

Weeding out the casual applicants

The team noticed a significant improvement from the moment they implemented the software. Spark Hire’s one-way video interviews unintentionally functioned as a net to filter out candidates who were not fully invested in the open position, with Lloyd adding, “We’ve found we avoid wasting time with the casual applicant, because casual applicants don’t invest the time to do a Spark Hire interview! Another key difference is the ability to judge someone’s professionalism and demeanor in a one-way interview. We can see their attention to detail and it’s very obvious if candidates have done their research or are just ‘winging’ it.” By automatically eliminating the casual applicant, Lloyd and her team could spend more time focusing on the right candidates. 

Establishing a standardized process

Beyond functioning as a prescreening tool, Spark Hire provided the standardized interview experience that the team needed. Utilizing Spark Hire’s graded evaluation system ensured each candidate was rated fairly and consistently among the team. “Spark Hire gives you the opportunity to ask the same questions, in the same order, and make sure you get the same answers to the same questions. Consistent answers mean you evaluate applicants based on the applicant pool; not based on whether or not the phone interviewer or initial screener asked consistent questions or wrote down answers correctly!” says Lloyd. This made it easier to compare candidates based solely on the quality of their answers. 

Easy, repeatable, and reliable

Overall, Lloyd and her team found the platform extremely accessible and user friendly. Not to mention, hiring managers love it and candidates have enjoyed their experience being able to more fully represent themselves via one-way video interviews. 

“Spark Hire definitely saves us time and brings higher quality applicants in the door,” says Lloyd, describing the software as “easy, repeatable, and reliable.” Since implementing the software, they’ve seen huge improvements in their quality of hires, not to mention time back in their day. By instituting a consistent, standardized interview process with Spark Hire, Lloyd and her team have established a more fair and efficient system of hiring. 

Jordyn Shelton

Jordyn works as a B2B Copywriter on Spark Hire's marketing team. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading a good book, attempting new recipes in the kitchen, bingeing a true crime show, or snuggling her dog Lou.