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How Australia’s Genea Clinics Improve Candidate Shortlists With Spark Hire Video Interviews

Genea is one of Australia’s leading providers for infertility, IVF, and other assisted conception treatments. With over 31 years of experience in the field, the company has long been a fertility pioneer, with research and technologies developed in-house, virtually doubling IVF success rates. Genea has fertility clinics across NSW, in Melbourne, Victoria, the ACT, and Bangkok, Thailand; as well as a joint venture clinic in Perth, Western Australia. With clinics across the country, the talent team was in need of an efficient and standardized interviewing method that would assist hiring managers in improving the quality of their shortlisted candidates. 

Searching for a tech-forward solution that would tackle their hiring needs, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Helen Clews, and her team discovered Spark Hire’s video interview platform. 

Shortlisting better quality candidates

With a consistently large number of applications for open roles, the Genea talent team’s number one priority was improving their screening process for hiring managers. “The applications were a bit overwhelming. So we wanted a solution to make shortlisting easier and thus reduce the time pressures on our managers,” explains Clews. With many hiring managers losing more and more time in their day to an inefficient process, Clews knew Genea had to rethink how they conducted preliminary interviews. 

Spark Hire’s one-way video interviews provided the team with the added insight necessary to promote more quality candidates. By comparing candidates fairly based on the platform’s standardized rating system, the team was able to more effectively identify top talent. “The roles we use video interviews for allows us to get candidates to interview quicker,” says Clews, adding, “we’ve also found we spend less time on unqualified candidates.”

This streamlined approach has also resulted in a more positive and consistent candidate experience. Clews and her team are able to provide prompt feedback on next steps while giving candidates a fully branded and personalised interviewing experience. 

Intuitive, easy-to-use platform

The intuitive nature of the platform made it easy for hiring managers and candidates alike to buy into the process. Spark Hire’s unmatched customer support provided all the necessary training so the team at Genea was comfortable and confident using the software from day one. Now, when Clews rolls out the program to other teams or departments, she sets it up as a simple plug and play instructional session.  

Simple, professional, and cost effective

Overall, the Spark Hire platform completely revamped how Genea’s hiring managers shortlist their candidates. “Video interviews are just more effective for everyone,” says Clews. “They give so much more insight than a phone screen. You’ll save time, and money. You’ll make your managers happy.” Clews is thrilled to have discovered a solution that’s so conducive to achieving their hiring initiatives, describing the software as “simple, professional, and cost effective.”

Hannah Goldenberg

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