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How Price Consulting Group Creates a Flexible Interview Experience with Video Interviews

Every summer, the SHRM Annual Conference descends upon a city for a few days of HR pro networking, learning, and exhibiting. Spark Hire has been attending SHRM for many years and this year, SHRM was conveniently hosted in downtown Chicago. The Spark Hire team capitalized on the conference’s proximity to Spark Hire HQ to not only discuss the platform with conference attendees, but also to speak with our current customers.

I was sent to the conference to meet with some of our customers. We discussed why they love Spark Hire. Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore my conversations. First up, let me introduce you to Dr. Kella Price. Dr. Price is an HR powerhouse. Not only is she an HR consultant and CEO, she’s part of Arizona’s statewide SHRM council, helping to organize their conference and awards.

Juggling these professional “hats” means she needs lots of flexibility with interviewing. Asynchronous video interviews afford her more flexibility than in-person interviews and phone screens.


She describes more about her Spark Hire experience in her video testimonial:

I’m Doctor Kella Price, with Price Consulting Group. I am an HR consultant and CEO as well as on the Arizona State SHRM Council.   

What challenges were you experiencing prior to using Spark Hire?

We had a process to examine candidates and a panel of evaluations that occurred and it was very difficult to schedule interviews for the candidates as well as all the evaluators over a period of time. In addition to time zones and travel. So this has really facilitated that process.

How did Spark Hire help you overcome those challenges?

Spark Hire makes it really easy for the candidates to do the interview process at their own time and on their own schedule. It allows those who are rating and reviewing those applicants to evaluate those same interviews at their own schedule and at their leisure. So you don’t have to worry about time zones, or difficulties with coordinating schedules. And then you can go back and rewatch the interviews should you need to view them at a later time.

What aspect of Spark Hire have you found to be the most valuable?

The fact that it is asynchronous environment, to allow you to gather information on candidates and have them go through the interview process. It really speeds up the process and facilitates scheduling as well as rating the candidates through the rating tools available within Spark Hire.

How is it doing business with Spark Hire?

Spark Hire’s staff is very supportive and friendly. They checked in throughout the process and when candidates have questions, there are resources available for them to contact tech support at any time.

Hannah Goldenberg

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