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SHRM Spotlight: Illinois Eye Center

How the Illinois Eye Center Brings Out the Best in Their Candidates with Video Interviews

We recently launched our 4 part series focused on success stories from Spark Hire customers. Today we will dive into Carrie Mull’s 2+ year experience with Spark Hire. In case you missed last week, check out Dr. Kella Price’s testimonial.

Carrie implemented Spark Hire in 2016 to screen her candidates before bringing them into the office for in-person interviews.

Video interviewing allows Carrie’s candidates to be more dynamic and personable than they would be on the phone.

She also vouched for Spark Hire’s flexibility and technical support in her video testimonial:

My name is Carrie Mull. I’m the HR Director at Illinois Eye Center in Peoria, Illinois.

What challenges were you experiencing prior to using Spark Hire?

We wasted a lot of time vetting people on onsite interviews instead of vetting them ahead of time. We did some phone interviews, but video interviews are so much better because you can actually see the person and they’re more dynamic on camera than they are on the phone.

How did Spark Hire help you overcome those challenges?

When we first started with it, we had a period of adjustment of our candidates kind of freaking out a little bit about it. But they found that they did like it. And also, our managers love it because they can check the interviews at any time, it’s on their schedule.

What aspect of Spark Hire have you found to be the most valuable?

The favorite thing that I personally have about it is we can vet candidates ahead of time, and not waste a bunch of time bringing them onsite because we can send them the questions that are very important to us first, and vet them that way.

How is it doing business with Spark Hire?

Spark Hire is very innovative. They’re very friendly. If you contact them for anything, my rep is very helpful. And also to our candidates, on the link we send them to do their video [interview], there’s a “Help” that they can go to and actually talk to a person at Spark Hire if they’re having a problem with getting their video together.

Would you recommend Spark Hire to others?

I absolutely recommend Spark Hire to others because it is an economical way of vetting people. [Spark Hire does] not require that you have a contract with them, you can pay for it month-to-month, you can turn off if you have less [positions] than the package you bought, you can lower the package and upgrade your account. I am currently on unlimited [the gold plan] because I have so many openings, but I like the flexibility of it.

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