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How the Green Bay Packers Tackled Their Hiring Goals With Spark Hire Video Interviews

Green Bay Packers, Inc. operates a National Football League team in the United States. Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the HR department is responsible for filling a number of open positions every year, while collaborating with the many hiring managers across the organization. Chris Cohorst, Packers Human Resources Manager, knew they were in need of a new tool to help modernize their hiring process and promote team communication and collaboration.  

After discovering Spark Hire’s video interviewing software, Cohorst realized this was the solution to the team’s hiring needs. 

A significant time-saver

Throughout the year, the Packers HR department receives a constant onslaught of applications for their open roles. Responsible for sifting through a large pool of eager candidates, Cohorst and his team “needed a solution that was easy to manage, easy to train our hiring managers on, and easy to use for the candidates,” explains Cohorst. 

Prior to Spark Hire, the hiring team would conduct phone interviews or in-person interviews with the first round of candidates. Between difficult schedule syncs and the actual time spent conducting these interviews, this method proved way too time consuming.

Using Spark Hire, the team is able to seamlessly collect first round interviews using one-way video interviews. “I was able to send out interview requests to several dozen candidates in a very short amount of time. The time that would have been spent scheduling those interviews, conducting them, etc. would have been significant,” says Cohorst.

Having applicants participate in short, informative one-way video interviews as a preliminary screening tool resulted in improved candidate insight earlier on in their hiring process. “Spark Hire has definitely improved our hiring process by saving us a significant amount of time with our initial interview process. Plus, hearing from candidates on video makes the screening process much more informative,” says Cohorst. This improved insight has led to more confident decision making across hiring teams. 

Establishing buy-in

As first time users of a video interview platform, Cohorst knew it was important to establish buy-in from his team and hiring managers from the start. Luckily, Cohorst found the Spark Hire software to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. “Our onboarding specialist was very helpful in the transition,” says Cohorst, adding, “She explained the process, provided training documentation, and ensured that we were set up for success throughout our initial use of the platform.”

Introducing the software to the rest of the organization was an easy sell. “I explain how easy it is to use Spark Hire, show them a demo of our positions and what the system looks like, and the team members immediately buy into the process. Since we’ve rolled out video interviews, there has been nothing but positive comments about Spark Hire,” says Cohorst.

A fundamental hiring tool

Spark Hire has completely revamped the Packers hiring process and allowed them to successfully tackle their biggest hiring challenges. “The technology is great, the ability to send out interviews to a large group of candidates is very easy to use, and the amount of time that can be saved is amazing,” says Cohorst.

The platform proved to be everything Cohorst and his team were looking for. With better candidate insight, improved team collaboration across the organization, and an extensive amount of time back in their day, Cohorst considers Spark Hire fundamental to their overall success. 

Jordyn Shelton

Jordyn works as a B2B Copywriter on Spark Hire's marketing team. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading a good book, attempting new recipes in the kitchen, bingeing a true crime show, or snuggling her dog Lou.