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Improving Candidate to Client Submissions Using Spark Hire’s Video Interviews

ADK Consulting & Executive Search is a staffing and recruiting firm specializing in executive staffing, organizational consulting, executive search, and leadership development. Since 2003, ADK has helped organizations and career professionals propel their success. With an emphasis on the client and candidate experience, ADK was in the market for a more modern, streamlined approach to their recruitment process. Namely, they were looking for a better way to present candidates to clients, while making the candidate experience more engaging. 

The team had experience conducting live video interviews, but had never explored a video interviewing platform with one-way video interviews. With a specific wish list in mind, ADK began using Spark Hire’s video interviews to tackle their latest staffing initiatives. 

Modernizing the screening process

Before using the Spark Hire software, ADK’s recruiting process was extremely time consuming and labour intensive. In an effort to present the strongest candidate pool to clients, the team endured a rigorous screening process: “That required us to have some sort of phone or video interview with candidates we recommended move forward in the search process. We would have to reach out to candidates with several time slots, then follow up, take care of rescheduling when something came up on their side or ours, conduct the interview, then make a follow up report,” explains ADK Director of Administration, Vicki Floyd. This made schedule syncs difficult for both the candidate and the firm. Not to mention, written summaries of the phone screens were not nearly as meaningful or informative to the client. 

“It was getting increasingly difficult to schedule short interviews that required both our participation and the candidates’. We also wanted a better way to showcase our candidates and their personalities to our clients.,” says Floyd, adding, “We really loved the idea of allowing candidates to complete a short video interview on their own schedule where their personality can really come through.”

Spark Hire’s one-way video interviews were a great way to highlight candidates’ skills and personalities with a short, digestible video clip. Now, in their own words and delivery, candidates had more control over how they were presented to clients. Additionally, clients gained more valuable insight earlier in the recruiting process.

“Up and running in no time”

Getting started with the platform was smooth and straightforward for the team at ADK. “We were up and running in no time,” says Floyd. With a comprehensive training session and Spark Hire’s top notch customer support, ADK quickly felt comfortable using the software. “The customer service and tech support are top-notch. Their knowledge has been crucial as we integrated Spark Hire with other platforms,” says Floyd. 

The best part: clients loved it. “Our clients came to really respond positively to the video interviews provided by the candidates,” says Floyd. The advantage of gaining better insight earlier on in their interviewing process resulting in more confident hiring decisions and improved client relations. “Nothing resonates with our clients like actually seeing and hearing a candidate in their own words, rather than a dry summary from a phone interview,” explains Floyd.

Empowering candidates

Floyd recommends the software to anyone who is looking to gain efficiencies within their screening process and improve how they present candidates to clients. The team was also quick to recognize the additional benefits of using the platform; they now use Spark Hire videos to help candidates practice and prepare for upcoming intensive interviews. This empowers candidates to more confidently approach live interviews or panel meetings with thorough practice and preparation. 

Overall, the Spark Hire platform has transformed how ADK screens candidates. “It has streamlined our process to a great degree and has automated several things that previously were done manually,” explains Floyd. With better candidate insight earlier on in the process, clients now feel more confident in their decision making. On top of that, the ease, convenience, and autonomy of one-way video interviewing has significantly improved ADK’s candidate experience. 

Floyd and the team are thrilled with the results they’ve seen using Spark Hire’s software, and consider it an indispensable tool to their recruitment process.

Jordyn Shelton

Jordyn works as a B2B Copywriter on Spark Hire's marketing team. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading a good book, attempting new recipes in the kitchen, bingeing a true crime show, or snuggling her dog Lou.