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3 Video Interview Tips to Get You Up to Speed on the Virtual Hiring Process

The virtual hiring process is gaining more momentum than ever before. Hiring pros who were once skeptical of adding video interviewing to their hiring toolbox, or who only used it intermittently, are now making it an integral part of their hiring process. 

In fact, 59% reported embracing video interviews in the last couple of months, according to a Future of Work Survey by Cielo. We can, of course, assume this number increased due to global shutdowns and the rise of organizations working as remotely as possible. However, hiring professionals are choosing to maintain their momentum. Another 82% said they’ll continue interviewing candidates with video even after restrictions are lifted. 

When used correctly, the virtual hiring process has the power to make your professional life easier. Unfortunately, many are in your same exact situation — they were thrown into the process without much time to prepare. 

We’re here to offer video interview tips to get you up to speed. Implementing these ideas into your process gives you the power to jump back in the driver’s seat of your hiring team. 

Here are three virtual interview tips to catch up with the virtual hiring process train: 

1. Check your tech

Sometimes video interview tips come across as confusing or overly technical. But with the right software, you should only have to focus on ensuring all tech is up and running. If there are technical difficulties, the platform’s customer support team will offer the assist. 

Checking your technology beforehand is crucial because tech interruptions become a major distraction. To make matters worse, this type of distraction leads to a poor candidate experience and a negative impression on candidates. 

Set your software up where you plan to host the virtual interview and run a speed test to check your internet connection. The exact location where you will conduct interviews should consistently have fast and reliable internet. 

Did you know? As you set up for your Spark Hire live interview, we conduct a tech and speed test for everyone involved — candidates and interviewers!


Also, practice with the software multiple times. Ask colleagues to join you on pseudo video interviews to determine if you can be heard clearly. And practice turning your video on, muting and unmuting, as well as entering into the system.  

2. Set the stage

No matter where you’re located, your video interview background must look professional. While you can’t offer candidates a firm handshake or a seat across from your desk at the beginning of the interview, you can still exude confidence, professionalism, and your company’s brand

Consider how you can create a background free from distractions in a quiet space. If you don’t have a solid wall available, a clean office space or simple tapestry are alternatives that also express personality. 

As you’re determining the ultimate place for interviewing, be mindful of your lighting. Light yourself from the front to avoid silhouetting yourself, which makes it challenging for candidates to clearly see your face. Allow enough light to ensure your face is well-lit, but not so much that you’re washed out. 

If you’re performing the interview from home, clearly communicate with roommates or family the importance of having a quiet space without interruptions during the time of your scheduled interview. 

3. Communicate with candidates

Some of the best video interview tips aren’t about the actual software or interview. This one, for example, ensures candidates have a positive experience from start to finish. While the virtual hiring process may cut down on time-to-hire and is convenient for job seekers, your communication must remain frequent. 

In fact, 82% of candidates expect employers to provide a clear timeline for the hiring process and keep them updated throughout the process when they apply for a job, according to an October 2018 Career Builder survey. Additionally, 68% believe their experience as a candidate reflects how the company treats its people. 

Communicate with candidates using multiple platforms. Remind them about their interview with a quick text message, send an email with a video message regarding the interview process, share the complete hiring process in the job description, and follow up with a phone call. 

Regardless of the format you follow, it’s crucial you stick with your timeline. Candidates are also expecting the virtual process to improve their experience. And it’s safe to assume many believe those using video interviews are tech-savvy and forward-thinking companies. Prove them right by maintaining your communication efforts. 

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Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.