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Customer Spotlight: How One Amazon Delivery Service Partner Used Video Interviews to Keep Hiring on Track

Everyone wishes for more time in their day. Whether it’s to work on their latest novel, spend more time with family, or even accomplish more around the office. With a frustratingly number of unqualified applicants and no-shows, and feeling they were missing out on some great fits due to scheduling challenges, one Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) sought to change their hiring process to include only the best and most qualified candidates.

The Problem

As a small team, this Amazon DSP had a very strict schedule of when they were available for interviews with candidates. They found themselves missing out on great talent due to the time restrictions of the internal team’s interviewing schedule.

Something had to change, so the team’s interviewer looked into in-person interview alternatives. One that provided them flexibility, a high degree of customization, and the ability for candidates to complete their interview entirely autonomously.

The Solution

They found their solution in Spark Hire’s video interviews. On their personalized demo with one of our product experts, the interviewer found our platform pretty straightforward. Once they signed up, the interviewer found the platform to work as-advertised, and was setting up jobs on the platform on their very first day.

Armed with their new interview alternative, the interviewer was able to expand their talent search to more candidates, especially those available after hours. The organization’s technological burden was also reduced, as before they had to use an applicant tracking system, and a host of other applications now obsolete thanks to their video interviewing platform.

Adjusting to the “New Normal”

When their business adjusted to the “new normal” of COVID-19, Spark Hire’s interviews went from their secondary interview method to their primary. And, according to their interviewer, they’ve found the switch so convenient they intend to keep it that way even after business returns to “normal”.

Looking Towards the Future

When asked why other Amazon Delivery Service Partner should look into video interviews, the interviewer said:

Remote hiring with video interviews are so efficient because you no longer have to designate a person’s entire work day to face-to-face interviews. You could do it from anywhere—at any time.

The rest of the organization has also felt the impact of video interviews when their interviewer suddenly had 5 extra hours back in their week. The dramatic increase in productivity really sold the entire organization on how video interviews improve not only the hiring process, but the organization as a whole.

Hannah Goldenberg

Hannah began her career on Spark Hire's sales team and now capitalizes on her long-standing passion for writing with the marketing team. When she's not working on content marketing efforts for Spark Hire, she spends her time baking, watching her favorite sports teams, and listening to astronomy, cooking, and history podcasts.