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Video Interviewing Platforms and Skype: Not One in the Same

One-Way Video InterviewA common question those of us in the video interviewing space are asked is, “Aren’t video interviews basically the same thing as Skype?” Yes, both platforms connect individuals via webcam, but they are not one in the same.

It’s important to note that while Skype may be a free service it was never intended to be used for interviewing job candidates, therefore, hiring professionals and recruiters should use services of platforms built for the specific purpose of conducting video interviews. Moreover, there is no opportunity for employer branding with Skype. Establishing a strong employer brand is crucial for creating a positive candidate experience and looking attractive to potential hires. On a video interviewing platform, a company can show off its unique brand by uploading its logo, applying a color scheme, and including a video displaying its culture.

A major difference between video interviewing platforms and Skype is the ability to record live interviews without having to download any software. The fact that these interviews can be recorded means that a company’s entire hiring team doesn’t need to be present — no more headaches trying to work around multiple schedules. The recorded interviews can then be shared with colleagues for easy collaboration so smart hiring decisions can be made more efficiently.

Candidates will also appreciate the simplicity of video interviewing platforms. In addition to no required software downloads, all video interviews can be accessed through a link. Additionally, candidates have the option to create a profile displaying all information that can be found on their resume to accompany a video introduction. This allows candidates to brand themselves and highlight their skills and experience to employers.

Lastly, Skype doesn’t offer anything like the one-way video interview which allows hiring professionals to screen candidates 10 times faster than they would with phone interviews. The one-way is also convenient for candidates because it enables them to pursue job opportunities even if they currently have busy work and family schedules.

Skype is a great platform for keeping in touch with family and friends who live far away, but it’s not the wise choice when it comes to recruiting talent. Companies should take advantage of platforms dedicated to video interviewing and their services to save time, better showcase their brand, and improve hiring team collaboration.

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Camelia Rodriguez

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