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Top 5 Job Skills Employers Want #INFOGRAPHIC

We know what employees want from employers, but do employers know what they want from employees? Do you think you know what skills you want most out of job seekers and employees? Of course, each position will have it’s own needs and specific skills, but what overall “work skills” do you want out of job seekers? As the infographic below from Phoenix University and reveals, it differs among geographical regions and cities but there are five skills that are consistently desired by employers nationwide.

So what are those five skills? According to the infographic, employers want job seekers with the ability to analyze and synthesize new skills, the ability and willingness to learn, critical thinking and problem solving skills, interpersonal communication skills, and collaboration. Does this seem consistent with what you look for in candidates overall? It’s interesting to see what skills each of the three cities- Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia- desire most out of their candidates. The east coast and the west coast cities both think that collaboration and team work is most important. In the Midwest, it seems as though critical thinking and problem solving is at the top. Take a look at the infographic below for yourself. What skills do you and your company value most in your job seekers and employees?

Employers Identify Top 5 Job Skills