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6 Hospitality Hiring Hacks Using Video Interviews [Whitepaper]

6 Hospitality Hiring Hacks Using Video InterviewsHospitality is the world’s fastest growing industry adding a new job every 2.5 seconds. The U.S. hospitality industry overall has seen an average of 55,000 to 75,000 new jobs created per month since January 2013. Along with needing to hire for all of these open positions, the hospitality industry must also find ways to increase employee retention. Spark Hire’s recently launched whitepaper can help hospitality employers tackle these industry trends with video interviews.

“The hospitality industry faces both extremely high turnover rates and thousands of jobs to fill,” says Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “Reading this whitepaper is essential for any hospitality employer wanting to best tackle these issues before they become overwhelming for their organization.”

Video interviewing can be a powerful tool for hospitality employers that greatly need to increase their hiring efficiency so that open positions are not sitting empty for weeks and months. According to SHRM, it takes an average of 29 to 43 days to hire for a position. Hospitality employers can more quickly find the right person for a job by connecting with candidates faster through video interviews. One-way video interviews, where candidates answer an employer’s questions on video, are a great time-saver for the screening process. If you determine that a candidate isn’t right for the job after just two questions, you can move on without wasting anymore precious time.

Moreover, hospitality employers will find video interviews to be especially useful for battling the industry’s high turnover rates. Through a study, the American Hotel and Motel Association determined that the average turnover rate for hotel employees in the U.S. ranges from 60 percent to an outstanding 300 percent. By using video interviews, hospitality employers will be able to connect personally with candidates and ensure they are only focusing on people who are right for the job. Hospitality employers can ask candidates important cultural fit questions to identify if he or she has the personality, drive, ambition, and ability to work with others so as to bring success to their organization.

“Video interviewing is growing in popularity every day. Six out of 10 companies are currently using this technology,” says Tolan. “Hospitality employers will find great value in this tool and will enjoy its many benefits.”

Download the new whitepaper, “6 Hospitality Hiring Hacks Using Video Interviews”, from Spark Hire to ensure that you keep up with the rapidly growing hospitality industry.

6 Hospitality Hiring Hacks Using Video Interviews

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