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Spark Hire’s Video Interviews Improve Team Collaboration at AJW Group

AJW Group is the world-leading independent specialist in the supply and repair of aircraft spare parts. With over 6,000 commercial and business aircrafts under contract across 117 countries, their HR team consistently sees a high volume of applications for entry level roles. Jade Johnson, Talent Acquisition Lead at AJW Group, knew that in order to keep up with the volume they’d need to adopt a more streamlined screening process. Team members were losing valuable time in their day sifting through an ever growing number of applications. The solution: find a more efficient way to gain insight into a candidate earlier on in the process. 

With that goal in mind, Johnson and her team began looking into options for pre-recorded video interviews. In Spark Hire, they found a solution that could enhance their hiring process from top to bottom. 

A valuable tech solution

No stranger to tech solutions, Johnson and her team originally leveraged Microsoft Teams to tackle their interviewing needs. However, without a designated pre-recorded video interview option, the team quickly realized it was time to make a switch. With Spark Hire’s one-way video interviews, the team at AJW Group could now quickly assess a candidates’ skills and qualifications based on 5-minutes of self-recorded video answers. “Using Spark Hire has saved the hiring team time and enabled us to review more candidates in a shorter time window. The process has decreased time to hire and showcased how as a company, we value technology in everything that we do.” explained Johnson. 

Quick, easy, and hassle free

The team at AJW Group found getting started with Spark Hire to be “quick, easy, and hassle free.” In fact, the platform was so user-friendly and intuitive that Johnson could comfortably navigate the software without help from Spark Hire’s 24/7 support team. “I easily created jobs and recorded video interviews without the need of assistance,” said Johnson. 

Establishing company-wide investment

Now that the talent team was up and running on the platform, Johnson began introducing the software to other departments within the company. To showcase the ease and convenience, the team invited hiring managers to try out the platform at their Recruitment Partnership Meeting. “We also created a showpiece, with testimonials from hiring managers that had used the software in a weekly internal communications email,” explained Johnson.

Spark Hire was an instant hit. The hiring managers gave rave reviews, and Johnson and her team knew they’d found the right solution. 

An indispensable hiring tool

Overall, Johnson was impressed with how much the software improved collaboration among her hiring managers while streamlining their initial screening process. “Spark Hire allows great collaboration between hiring teams for reviewing candidates one-way video interviews. The platform is an easy to use platform and without the need for training, hiring managers can quickly navigate, adopt, and use. It allows hiring teams to invite candidates who would not necessarily get a chance at pre-screening due to time constraints, thus opening up a wider talent pool.”

Spark Hire is now considered an indispensable tool to the AJW team.

Jordyn Shelton

Jordyn works as a B2B Copywriter on Spark Hire's marketing team. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading a good book, attempting new recipes in the kitchen, bingeing a true crime show, or snuggling her dog Lou.