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How ITW Modernized Their Hiring Brand with Video Interviewing

Today I’ll highlight our 3rd customer testimonial from the recent SHRM Annual Conference, Sarah Thio. To check out the previous post in the series, click here.

When Sarah started at ITW, she wanted to improve how her younger talent viewed the organization. Her hope was to refresh their hiring brand to a more modern and technology-forward organization.

For me, the highlight of this conversation was hearing her attest to candidates enjoying using a video interview over a phone screen.


Learn other ways she personalized and modernized her recruiting process in the video below.



My name is Sarah Thio, and I lead University Relations for ITW, or Illinois Tool Works.

What challenges were you experiencing prior to using Spark Hire?

Leading university relations, the challenge was to connect with younger talent. And so, video interviewing was an opportunity for us to explore more technology versus in the past ITW had not used as much technology with Recruiting.

What aspect of Spark Hire have you found to be the most valuable?

My candidates have loved video interviewing. I know there’s a lot of mixed reviews out there, but of the candidates that I’ve had, they’ve appreciated the approach that we’ve used, the timeliness of it, and just the whole candidate experience of just making it more personalized where I was able to make a video to welcome them and they saw me at the career fair. So those small touches really made a huge impact and helped the candidate experience.

How is it doing business with Spark Hire?

Doing business with Spark Hire is really easy! Everyone is super friendly, my account manager is really on top of things, he’s very responsive. Even if I take a long time to respond to emails, he will get back to me right away and keep calling to make sure I got the appropriate information. So definitely a great customer experience there.

Would you recommend Spark Hire to others?

I would definitely recommend Spark Hire. I think, I looked at different video interviewing technologies when I was looking into starting the video interviewing process, and what I found about Spark Hire was the simplicity aspect of things. And then the price really reflected that. So overall, candidate experience, ROI and everything, Spark Hire was definitely the right way for ITW to go. And so if you’re looking for a video interviewing platform, that has a simplicity aspect, the right amount of tools, and a great price, this is definitely the place to go.

Hannah Goldenberg

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