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SHRM Spotlight: METER Group

How Video Interviewing Helped METER Group’s Hiring Efficiency

Last in our series of customer spotlights from the SHRM Annual Conference is John Zeugschmidt. To check out Illinois Tool Works’ conversation, completed by Sarah Thio, click here.

My first conversation was with Talent Acquisition Specialist at METER Group, Jon Zeugschmidt. Between sessions at SHRM, he dropped by and told me how Spark Hire has helped him become more efficient in his position.

Don’t take my word for it, watch his video testimonial (or read the transcript below)!



My name is John Zeugschmidt, and work at METER in Pullman, Washington, and I work in Talent Acquisition.

What challenges were you experiencing prior to using Spark Hire?

The challenges that we had prior to Spark Hire were largely due to interviews taking so much of hiring managers’ time. And just kind of the frustration that comes along with that, decreased productivity, morale, and happiness around interviews.

How did Spark Hire help you overcome those challenges?

Spark Hire helped us overcome those challenges by giving our hiring managers a group of video interviews to review on their own time, so it freed up their schedule. It also allowed us to put more people in front of the hiring managers so they could make those decisions. It wasn’t just HR making the pre-screening decisions. We can give them more people in a shorter amount of time, so they can really own the hiring process and make those decisions themselves.

What aspect of Spark Hire have you found to be the most valuable?

The aspect of Spark Hire that’s been the most valuable to use is being able to have multiple stakeholders be able to view an interview as opposed to just who was available at the time. We can share that video interview internally, and good candidates are shared more frequently than those that aren’t. So it almost travels virally within our company when we find a good candidate.

Would you recommend Spark Hire to others?

I would absolutely recommend Spark Hire to anybody that is in HR or does a significant amount of hiring. It’s going to increase your productivity. It’s one of those few tools that as an HR professional, that you can definitively show the ROI. So it’s an absolutely great tool that you can use to help make your organization more efficient and hire better people.

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