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How to Develop a World-Class Video Interviewing Process

How to Develop a World-Class Video Interviewing Process

If your business is new to video interviewing, it’s likely that you are wondering how to make the most out of this interviewing technique.  Treat your video interviewing process as you would any process within your business.  Keeping track of best practices as you move forward will help you to see the ROI you desire.

Below are some best practices that you should immediately include in your process:

Prepare your candidates

When your candidates know what to expect, the video interview will go much smoother.

Make sure that you explain to your candidates how the video interview process works – what they need to do, anything that they need to download on their computer ahead of time, etc.

An easy way to prepare your candidates is by sending them instructions or an outline of the process via email, or even by posting this information somewhere on your website (don’t forget to send the web link to your candidate).

Be sure to provide your candidate with a point of contact if they are having difficulties understanding the set up process or if something doesn’t work for some reason.  Communication is key.

Prepare your team

Having a prepared candidate but an unprepared team of interviewers can result in a disastrous video interview.  Make sure that any team members involved in the video interview also understand the process and what they need to do.

Ensuring that your team is well-prepared from a technical stand point (as well as from an HR standpoint) is key when it comes to developing your world-class video interviewing process.

Review with your team members the outline of the video, types of questions to ask as well as questions to avoid, and the red flags they should be looking for during the interview.

If you have the capability, conduct a trial run of the video interview with your team so that they know what to expect and are well prepared.

Have available access to IT

As with any form of technology in your business, it is important to have quick and reliable access to an IT expert. Make sure that your IT expert is available and on hand should any technical difficulties arise during the video interview.

If the candidate has technical problems accessing the video interview, make sure that an expert is available via phone to help walk the candidate through the setup process.  Nothing can derail your video interview quite like technical difficulties.

What are some improvements you have made to improve your video interviewing process?  Please share your tips in the comments below.

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