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Reinventing Recruitment Using Spark Hire’s Video Interview Platform

As a global recruitment and HR advisory company, Bolt Talent Solutions built their team to function as a fully distributed workforce. To provide proper support to their clients around the world, Bolt Talent team members can live and work anywhere. This model could only be achieved by hiring the right team and investing in best-in-class technology. To build upon the firm’s growing success, Vanessa Flynn, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, began looking into virtual interview platforms to enhance their recruitment efforts. 

Initially, the team needed something cost-effective and easy to use. It wasn’t until they started using Spark Hire’s video interviewing that Bolt Talent realized the platform would also enhance their candidate experience and improve how they presented candidates to clients. 

Streamlining the Screening Process

Before using the Spark Hire platform, Bolt Talent had a traditional recruitment process in place. The team would conduct phone and live video screenings with prospective candidates. From there, the team would manually write up profile summaries for each candidate to submit to clients along with their resumes. This method often resulted in time wasted trying to schedule-sync with candidates and energy wasted on tedious, repetitive tasks. The process was in need of an innovative solution that could streamline day-to-day tasks. 

Best in Class Customer Support

Bolt Talent liked the professional look and feel of Spark Hire’s software. After speaking more with the customer support team, they knew they found the right solution. Spark Hire’s team was accessible and attentive, with 24-hour support and an endless amount of resources. Along with a thorough training session, the team felt comfortable and confident using the platform. “The Spark Hire marketing team provided great communication tools to help us launch the tool with our clients… And fast turnaround time and professional service with handling our queries,” explained Flynn. 

Once the team implemented Spark Hire, they saw immediate efficiency gains within their screening process. “[Our] conversion ratio increased, [our] time-to-hire decreased, and [it had] a positive impact on our ability to attract new clients in the tech industry,” said Flynn. The sentiment from Bolt recruiters was obvious: they loved the platform. Now, they had more time in their day to do value add tasks like candidate engagement and new talent sourcing.

The Candidate Experience

Despite their success using the software, Flynn and her team still had concerns about how their candidates and clients would react to the update. There’s often worry that new tech will depersonalize the hiring process. However, they discovered just the opposite was true. “Our candidates expressed that the tool was easy-to-use, they loved the experience and felt it gave them the edge versus only submitting a resume,” said Flynn. Candidates also shared how much they enjoyed the convenience of being able to record interviews on their own time.

As a firm that values their candidate experience, the team at Bolt was thrilled to receive the positive feedback. “Partnering with Spark Hire has helped us accelerate our digital-first vision, which in turn positively impacts our client and candidate interview experience,” said Flynn.

Reinventing the Recruitment Process

Overall, Flynn and her team discovered that by utilizing video interviews, their recruiters can better showcase a candidates’ strengths and personality to their clients. “Hiring managers get a much better sense of the whole person and not just a CV. Each candidate gets an equal opportunity to present their experience and skills as they get the same time, questions and can use any smart device to answer the screening questions,” explained Flynn. 

By reinventing their recruitment process, the Bolt team has improved candidate engagement, enhanced their clients’ branding, and streamlined their screening process. Spark Hire is now considered an indispensable tool. 

Hannah Goldenberg

Hannah began her career on Spark Hire's sales team and now capitalizes on her long-standing passion for writing with the marketing team. When she's not working on content marketing efforts for Spark Hire, she spends her time baking, watching her favorite sports teams, and listening to astronomy, cooking, and history podcasts.