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The Increasing Popularity of Video Interviews for Staffing Pros

The Increasing Popularity of Video Interviews for Staffing Pros

As the battle for acquiring top talent continues to heat up, staffing pros are taking advantage of the readily available resources to ensure they are providing their clients with rockstar candidates who have the potential of being great employees. Among the most popular tools are video interviews. Below are several reasons why this tech has taken the staffing industry by storm and become a powerful must-use tool for staffing pros:

Time-Saving Solution

The traditional ways of recruiting talent have proven to be ineffective in today’s fast-paced world. Companies can’t afford to have their open positions sit vacant for weeks or even just days. With video interviews, particularly the one-way, staffing pros can tremendously cut down the time-to-placement. Ten one-way video interviews can be watched in the time it would take a recruiter to perform just one phone screen.

Furthermore, the asynchronous nature of one-ways offers flexibility to candidates so that conflicts typically associated with scheduling in-person interviews can be avoided. Candidates can answer your questions whenever convenient for them.

Better Assess Candidates

Nowadays, cultural fit is an important factor in whether a company chooses to hire someone or not. A candidate’s cultural fit is difficult to determine over a phone screen when you can’t assess a person’s facial expressions and body language. However, video interviews allow staffing pros to better gauge a candidate’s personality and if he or she will be a successful team member at your client’s company.

Connect with Candidates from Anywhere

With video interviews, staffing professionals are not limited to their geographical borders when looking for top talent. A candidate who looks great on paper may be a state or country away, but you can simply invite them to a one-way or live video interview to further determine if they’d be the right fit for a client. If they aren’t, you and your client didn’t have to waste any time or resources bringing them into the office.

Keep Clients in the Loop from the Start

The shareability of video interviews makes it easier to collaborate with clients on potential hires. As soon as you receive a candidate’s video interview, you can shoot it off to your client to review and provide you with feedback. Your clients will appreciate having the ability to weigh in on a candidate from the very beginning because it will ensure that the best hiring decision is made.

Better Present Candidates to Clients

The benefits of video interviewing don’t just end with saving time and fostering great relationships with clients and candidates. Video interviewing is the ultimate marketing tool available to staffing professionals. Recruiters can coach their candidates through the process of completing a one-way in order to achieve a polished interview to share with clients. By utilizing video interviews, recruiters are showing their candidates that they value them and that their priority is to position them in the best light to potential employers.
Your clients will appreciate the great insight they’ll gain on candidates by watching their stellar video interviews. They’ll have peace of mind knowing that their new hire won’t be a regret they have later on. Furthermore, clients will grow to trust you as their recruiter to consistently provide top-notch candidates.

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