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Video Interviewing: Hiring for Various Industries

Video Interviewing: Hiring for Various IndustriesDue to the fact that video interviewing involves webcams, computers, and sometimes mobile phones, many people believe it is only suitable to use when hiring for positions in technology. However, the benefits of using video interviews for hiring can be experienced in various industries. Companies can use this recruiting and hiring solution to connect with candidates for blue collar work, jobs in healthcare, teaching positions, and much more.

HR managers and recruiters in different industries experience the same problems when trying to find candidates to meet the requirements for open positions. Utilizing video interviews will enable hiring and recruiting professionals to efficiently connect with and evaluate candidates. By having the ability to review more candidates, they are increasing their chances of finding the best people for their jobs.


A big mistake that some companies make when recruiting for an administrative position is dismissing the importance of hiring someone with the right personality for the job. The video interview can help you to focus your search on candidates who will fit into your company culture with ease and, most importantly, work well with the executives or managers they are assisting.


Video interviews will help you to focus on candidates who have the personality and attitude that will fit well at your school. The one-way interview in particular allows education employers to get a personal feel for a teaching candidate so they can spend less time talking to people who are all wrong for the job.


When people seek medical treatment, they expect to be treated with respect and dignity. They also want to feel that their doctor or nurse actually cares about their well-being. Video interviews enable healthcare employers and recruiters to evaluate a candidate’s personality, nonverbal behavior, and soft skills to ensure that the right patient-facing talent is hired. A candidate can easily list “superior communication skills” on their resume, but it could be much harder to support that on camera.


Customer satisfaction must be given priority by those employed in the hospitality industry. Hospitality employers can use video interviews to get a feel for a candidate’s people skills much earlier in the hiring process. When choosing questions to ask for the one-way, consider behavioral interview questions to see how a candidate would react in situations they may likely experience. This will help you to determine if a person would be a successful team member and brand ambassador for your company.

Successful hiring with video interviews is not limited to just the industries above. Take the time to look into video interviewing platforms to find solutions that will work well with your company’s business and hiring goals.

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