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2 Reasons to Consider Digital Interviewing for Your Entertainment Business

2 Reasons to Consider Digital Interviewing for Your Entertainment Business

If you’re in the entertainment business, interviewing talent can prove to be a time consuming and cost sucking process.  However, digital interviewing options such as video resumes, one-way video interviews, and live video interviews can help to make your selection process quicker and more cost effective.

1. Saves Time

Incorporating digital interviewing into your interview process will save you hours and days.  Say good bye to the initial interviewing process – long lines of entertainers waiting to perform and show off their skills.  The days you spend in different locations to simply make sure you have access to the best talent can now all be spent in the comfort of your office or home when using digital interviews.

Video resumes and one-way video interviews are an excellent way to view performances from top talent all over the world, without ever needing to spend time traveling or waiting for performers.  When your candidates are able to video themselves performing and simply submit the performance to you online, you are not only saving yourself time but also your candidates’ time.

Once you have identified an entertainer that you would like to interview further, take into consideration live video interviews.  This form of digital interviewing allows you to take the next step in the consideration process without the time involved in conducting an in-person interview, but with the same type of atmosphere that an in-person interview allows.

2. Lowers Cost

Digital interviewing will, without a doubt, save you from making costly expenses during the interview process.  Of course, anything that saves you time will save you money in the long run and allow you to focus on other matters.

Also consider the amount of travel you would do in order to find the best talent.  The cost of flights, hotels, rental cars and transportation all add up and can be quite expensive.  When you replace all of this travel with video interviewing, you are lowering your cost per hire, thus saving yourself money.

Not only does digital interviewing save money on your travel, but it also saves on cost on traveling candidates in for initial performances.  By using video interviews in the first several stages of your process, you are making sure that you have found the best talent before you front any money for that candidate to travel for further interviews or meetings.

What’s keeping you from using digital interviewing in your entertainment business?

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