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5 Ways to Hire the Best Education Employees Through Video Interviews [Whitepaper]

5 Ways to Hire the Best Education Employees Through Video InterviewsEducation hiring in America is currently experiencing the unique problem of a talent flood and talent drought. The result is education employers and staffing professionals not being able to adequately find the right people for teaching positions that greatly need to be filled.

Twice as many K-5 elementary school teachers are being trained than are needed every year in the United States. A recent study determined that positions for high school teachers will only grow by a slim six percent between now and the year 2022. However, declining student-teacher ratios will cause a heavy demand for talent. Additionally, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and special education teachers are also very hard to find. Richard Ingersoll of UPenn determined that America loses 25,000 STEM teachers per year and only 7,000 of these teachers are leaving due to retirement.

Spark Hire’s recently launched free whitepaper, 5 Ways to Hire the Best Education Employees Through Video Interviews, can help education employers battle these industry challenges.

“This whitepaper aims to ease the burden that education employers and staffing professionals are carrying by showing them the power they can hold if they recruit and hire with video interviews,” says Josh Tolan, Spark Hire CEO.

Video interviewing technology is a powerful solution for education employers and staffing pros who need to bring in great teachers faster, but receive 400 to 600 resumes for a single elementary school position. Specifically, the one-way interview enables candidates to answer questions by recording short video answers. These can answers can then be viewed at any time and for any duration. Moreover, one-way interviews can be especially useful to employers and staffing professionals because they provide a more personal look into a candidate so as to determine whether they are the right for a school’s culture.

Furthermore, video interviews can help education employers and staffing professionals by lowering geographic barriers and enabling them to recruit nationwide and worldwide. If you are only considering candidates from a small pool of local talent, you may be forced to just settle with what you can get. With video interviews you can connect with talent from anywhere in the world to ensure you hire someone with all the skills necessary for success.

Download the new whitepaper from Spark Hire, “5 Ways to Hire the Best Education Employees Through Video Interviews”, to battle education hiring challenges and come out on top!

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