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5 Ways to Use Video Interviews to Jump the Skills Gap [Whitepaper]

5 Ways to Use Video Interviews to Jump the Skills GapMore than forty percent of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed, but companies are having difficulty finding candidates with the right skills for their open positions. It’s an unusual problem, but it should be given immediate attention.

Nearly 40 percent of companies have open positions that they are unable to fill. This largely has to do with the difficulty of finding the right candidates. Once they are found, they are extremely hard to scoop up before the competition.

“This whitepaper will empower employers and recruiters with video interviewing strategies that give them the ability to jump the skills gap and efficiently connect with top-notch candidates who will actually contribute to their company’s success and not just fill seats,” says Spark Hire CEO, Josh Tolan.

Companies looking to quickly address skills gap obstacles while saving money should turn to video interviewing technology. Six out of ten companies are already experiencing the benefits of video interviews. The one-way interview, in particular, is especially convenient for employers and staffing professionals because it enables candidates to answer questions by recording short video answers. These recorded responses can then be viewed at any time and for any duration. Additionally, candidates’ one-way interviews give hiring professionals insight on their personality, passion, dedication, and growth potential.

Moreover, video interviews allow employers and recruiters to lower their geographic barriers so that they can connect with candidates nationwide and worldwide. Over sixty percent of companies admit to having been forced to settle on hiring someone who didn’t fully meet the requirements of the job. With video interviews you can connect with talent from anywhere in the world to ensure that the person you’re adding onto your team will have all the skills necessary to contribute to your organization’s success.

Download the new whitepaper from Spark Hire, “5 Ways to Use Video Interviews to Jump the Skills Gap”, to battle skills gap obstacles and come out on top!

5 Ways to Use Video Interviews to Jump the Skills Gap

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