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The Interview Process: Old-Fashioned vs. Progressive

The Interview Process Old-Fashioned Vs. ProgressiveThe standard interview process, as we know it, has undergone great changes over the years.  Because of this, it is important for businesses to take a moment each year and review their interview process, ensuring that it is current.  After all, how embarrassing to have an old-fashioned interview process while other companies are showing yours up with their progressive process!

The Old-Fashioned

Up until recently, interview processes have been fairly standard amongst most companies.  Many recruiters or hiring managers start out with a brief phone interview, assessing a candidate’s skill and interest in a position.  Then, there may be a second, more in-depth phone interview or an in-person interview, followed by several more in-person interviews.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this method of interviewing, there are much simpler ways to approach the interview process.  Of course, as successful recruiters and hiring managers, we are always searching for ways to make interviewing and hiring more efficient!

The Progressive

Recently, many recruiters and hiring managers have begun to take advantage of video interviewing.  Most of the services or resources that they have gravitated towards have been free services such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc.  These live video interviews have become very popular when it comes to interviewing non-local candidates and this form of interviewing has been extremely valuable when it comes to making selection of candidates that may not be able to interview in-person.

However, one piece that these video services seem to be missing is the playback ability. Many companies have begun to experiment with asynchronous or one-way video interviews and live video interviews, immediately understanding the value and simplicity of these products.

One-way Video Interviews

By implementing the one-way video interview into your process, you are virtually eliminating the old-fashioned, initial phone screen.  Not only are you taking out the first phone screen from your process, but you are also saving enormous amounts of time that you waste when trapped in voicemail jail, scheduling a better time to conduct the phone screen, as well as all of those times when the phone screen gets off-topic.  The one-way video interview gives you the opportunity to ask candidates questions in writing or video, and view  their responses at a convenient time while also having the ability to playback the video.  Because we are always trying to fit more into our already hectic schedules, you will definitely see more of the one-way video interviews in our future interviewing process.

Live Video Interviews

Live Video Interviews are without a doubt the interviews of the future.  With the growing popularity of technology, video has become a standard on everyone’s computer, tablet, and smartphone.  Next time you are in an airport or in another public setting, take a look around you and I am sure you will see someone using FaceTime or Skype on their tablet or smartphone.

Just as social media was integrated into the recruiting process due to its growing popularity, live video will be a must when it comes to our future interview processes. 

By integrating live video into your interview process, your company is showing its flexibility which is an increasingly hot topic with many employees today.  You are demonstrating that your company is flexible and not all about “face time” in the office.

In addition, when you use a  live video interviewing product, you are creating a simpler, more efficient interview process.  Not only will you be able to see the candidate as you are conversing, but you will also be able to replay the video afterwards, refreshing your memory when it comes to the candidate’s responses and answers throughout the interview.  This means that there is no need to be concerned with note-taking during the interview.  Instead, you can focus your time and energy on the conversation at hand, connecting with the candidate and observing the candidate throughout the interview.

What are your thoughts on implementing video interviews into your company’s interview process?  Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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