importance of background checks

The Importance of a Background Check #INFOGRAPHIC

Does your company, or just you, do background checks on all of the employees you hire? If not, do you ever think about whether or not you should? Well, according to the statistics presented in this infographic from and First Contact HR, doing a background check is way more important than you think.

Take a look at the infographic below and you’ll see that 40 percent of resumes contain false or exaggerated information. Can you imagine? That is frighteningly close to almost half of all resumes coming in. Just the other day Spark Hire was discussing certain ways you can look at and interview candidates to see if they are lying. It may be difficult to think that a candidate is lying to you straight out, but obviously it happens- and quite often, too.

Doing a background check on a candidate can not only help you with hiring the right person, but it could protect your company as well. The infographic states that employers lose 72 percent of all negligent hiring lawsuits. Negligent hires are when the employer is held accountable for the actions of an employee on the basis that they should have known the employee’s background before hiring them. When 75 percent of substance abuses are employed, it’s important to know who you are hiring and the risk you may be taking. Take a minute to look at the infographic below and see for yourself if background checks are necessary for you and your company.

Why You Need To Background Check